11-piece Orchestra: Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap

11-piece Orchestra: Thanks To You

11-piece Orchestra: Tunay na Ligaya

11-piece Orchestra: Mama Mia Medley

11-piece Orchestra: Hahanapin Ko

11-piece Orchestra: Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas

11-piece Orchestra: Viva La Vida

BROADWAY: 9-piece Ensemble with Soprano : Never Enough (The Greatest Showman)

SEMI-CLASSICAL: 9-piece Ensemble with Tenor : Hymn A L’Amour

POP: Acoustic Quartet : Especially For You

OPM: 9-piece Ensemble with Singer : Tuwing Umuulan

POP/JAZZ: Pop/Jazz Quartet : Shaker Song

BROADWAY: Double Quartet with Tenor and Soprano : I See The Light (Tangled)

POP: Acoustic Quartet with Singer : ‘Till They Take My Heart Away

POP/ROCK: Acoustic Quartet : Titanium

STANDARDS: 16-piece Orchestra with Tenor : Come Fly With Me

OPM: 9-piece Ensemble with Singer : You Are My Song

POP/ROCK: Pop/Jazz Quartet : Versace On The Floor

BROADWAY: 9-piece Ensemble with Soprano  : Let It Go (Frozen)

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor and Soprano : Sun and Moon (Miss Saigon)

10-piece String Ensemble + Soprano : Never Enough (The Greatest Showman)

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor and Soprano : Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

10-piece String Ensemble + Soprano : Moon Represents My Heart (Chinese Song)

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor and Soprano : ABBA Medley

10-piece String Ensemble: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor : Quando, Quando, Quando

10-piece String Ensemble + Soprano : Let It Go (Frozen Soundtrack)

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor : Ikaw ang Lahat Sa Akin

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor and Soprano : Kay Ganda ng ating Musika | Ikaw

10-piece String Ensemble + Tenor : Toki No Nagare Ni Mowo Makaze

Double Quartet : Unexpected Song

10-piece Ensemble : You’re the Inspiration

Orchestra : Christmas Songs

String Quartet : Fireworks


Flute and Guitar : Man in the Mirror

Double string quartet with Tenor : In Your Eyes 

Jazz quartet : Love Never Felt so Good 

Double quartet with Soprano : Pinoy pop medley 

Flute violin cello and piano quartet : Oliver medley

2 Violins cello and piano quartet with Tenor : Music of the night

Flute and Guitar : Rather Be

9-Piece string ensemble with Tenor : Ikaw ang lahat sa akin

10-Piece string orchestra with Soprano : Streisand medley

10-Piece string orchestra with Tenor : OPM medley

10-Piece string orchestra with Tenor and Soprano : Phantom of the Opera Medley

String ensemble with male pop singer  : The last time

String ensemble with Soprano 

String ensemble with Tenor : This is the moment

String ensemble with Tenor and Soprano : I have dreamed

20-piece orchestra : Fashion show event 

Bernie Pasamba Music Consulatancy : Someone Like You

20-piece orchestra : Fashion show event 2 

40-piece Orchestra : VST Medley

40-piece Orchestra : So Close

40-piece Orchestra + Soprano : Tuwing Umuulan

40-piece Orchestra + Soprano : You Are My Song

40-piece Orchestra : You Make Me Feel So Young

40-piece Orchestra : Disney Medley

40-piece Orchestra : Can You Read My Mind

40-piece Orchestra : All I Ask For You

40-piece Orchestra : Game of Thrones

20-piece orchestra : Flash mob 

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